Success Stories


2013 Winners

MARTI TB Diagnostic - Effective Tuberculosis Test

“The MARTI test is the only diagnostic in the world that uses a single drop of blood to detect tuberculosis early on, provide a result in under an hour, at the point of care, at current market prices or lower.”

Carl Baumeister, MARTI development team

MABU Casing Soils - Sustainable Mushroom Farming

“MABU Casing Soils produces a cost-effective, eco-friendly casing soil to the mushroom industry of South Africa.  Currently peat soil is used, but that needs to be imported at high cost.  It’s also a non-renewable fossil fuel that is mined from very vulnerable ecosystems.”

Linda Meyer, MABU development team

SynBo Beverage - Probiotic Beverage

“Probiotics are mainly found in upmarket dairy-based beverages. The developed technology optimizes the growth and viability of probiotics in a maize-based beverage.”

Richard Nyanzi, SynBo development team